About counselling
What is counselling?
If you have never experienced therapy before, it is usual that you may feel unsure about what to expect. Counselling offers a safe and supportive environment where you can explore whatever may be troubling you.  I am committed to providing a space where we can work together to reflect and try and make sense of what is going on for you at the moment, as well as help you find your way through this experience.  You may be going through a specific experience, or perhaps you don’t know what you are feeling, only that something isn’t right and you would like a change and someone to talk to. I strive to develop a warm and supportive environment where talking about what most concerns you is possible and many clients have commented that they feel able to do this from early on in their sessions.
What can I expect to see happening in me over the course of the counselling?
We can discuss what you are looking to gain from counselling when we first meet, however some common benefits of counselling that clients have said they have gained and that you could experience are:
Feeling more relaxed and accepting of yourself and more comfortable in your own skin
Having better confidence in your own judgement
Being able to get better in touch with your feelings and express them
Having new ways of managing, behaving, feeling and thinking
Having a better sense of direction and what to do next
Feeling more in control
Increased coping mechanisms
A reduction in the intensity of your feelings and initial difficulties
A beneficial impact on your domestic, social and working life
Feeling a sense of relief and release, like a weight has been lifted